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Seal, Tape, Gasket: A Sticky Search for Better Materials

Given the importance of sealing hidden joints in our air and water barriers, you'd think we'd know how long our sealants, adhesives, and gaskets last.

Tremco's Sustainable Building Solutions Test Facility measures air leakage, exposing the assembly to varying air pressures to test the performance of a variety of sealants, tapes, and other materials. The facility was designed and is being used in cooperation with both the Air Barrier Association of America and the Department of Energy.

Photo: Tremco Commercial Sealants and Waterproofing

In just about every climate in which we live and build, the number one job of any building envelope or enclosure is environmental separation. Keeping water, air, and heat in or out of buildings can make them more resource-efficient, durable, and safer for occupants. Lots of building products offer some help with that, but without attention to the joints, you lose critical continuity in your air barriers, drainage planes, and insulation layers—particularly at the penetrations, transitions, and margins of building assemblies.

Published August 27, 2012

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