Wellness in Buildings

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Wellness in buildings requires a focus on occupants’ health and well-being through good design. Material health is one sliver of the pie but not the whole circle: building professionals also need to focus on moisture issues, ample ventilation, water quality and access, active design, and lighting that supports health.

Wellness in Buildings

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  • Finding HPDs: How We Do It At BuildingGreen


    There are several ways you can find Health Product Declarations. Here’s a look at them, including what BuildingGreen offers.

  • Polystyrene's Track Record


    Steve Russell, of the American Chemistry Council, suggests that the hazards associated with polystyrene are being overblown.

  • Watch for Other Toxics


    Two architects argue that some of the alternatives to polystyrene, such as polyurethane, come with their own hazards.

  • HBCD Isn't the Only Problem


    Tom Lent argues that we should be looking beyond HBCD when thinking about toxic chemicals.

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  • The PVC Debate: A Fresh Look

    Feature Article

    PVC is banned by some green building programs and simply reviled by some groups. How did we get here, and has anything changed since vinyl became the enemy?

  • Green Design: What’s Love Got to Do with It?

    Feature Article

    Beauty, place-making, and even love are motivating many green designers, who see these values complementing core sustainability tenets.

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